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Robots in Game Engines for 3ds Max
You will start this set, as usual, with a completely empty scene in 3ds Max, no photoshop files and no game assets - by the end of this mammoth FOUR DVD set, you will have a fully rigged low polygon ED209 with high polygon normal map, actually inside the Unreal Tournament 3 game with every step of the process along the way demonstrated!



- Scaffold Mesh Building - creating a surrounding approximation mesh that allows us to make sure that everything is going to be built to scale and the right shape and that all the major shapes of the model will lie correctly whilst also allowing us to ascertain what the basic shapes that make the piece are.
o Foot
o Lower Leg
o Upper Leg
o Upper Body 1
o upper Body 2
o Weapon Arm
o Finishing the low poly scaffold
- High Polygon Mesh Building - This will be used to create normal maps as well as being used for optimizing into the low polygon model and for any beauty passes - high poly renders and so on.
o The front toe
o The side toes
o The Rear Toe and Piston
o The Lower Leg One
o The Lower Leg Two
o The Lower Leg Three
o The Lower Leg Four
o The Reverse Knee
o The Upper Knee
o Upper Legs
o The Hips
o Starting The Torso


- More High Polygon Mesh Building
o Torso Part 1
o Torso Part 2
o Torso Part 3
o Torso Part 4
o Torso Part 5
o Torso Part 6
o Torso Part 7
o Torso Part 8
o The Shoulder
o The Upper Arm
o The Elbow
o The Gun System
- Appendixes
o Assignment of base materials
o Creating carbon fiber for the visor
o Metalwork
o Epilogue and Rendering


- Optimization Overview - explaining the principles and demonstrating practice of optimization of the ED209 model to make the high polygon version Game Suitable.
- Unwrapping Game Low Poly ED209
o Timelapse Version (1 hour)
o Full versions follow;
o Unwrapping Toes
o unwrapping The Foot
o unwrapping lower leg
o unwrapping knee
o unwrapping back knee
o unwrapping upper leg
o unwrapping upper leg two
o unwrapping the hips
o unwrapping the torso
o unwrapping arm one
o unwrapping arm two
o unwrapping gun
o Duplication of limbs for mapping (Unreal 3 allows us to share UVMaps between duplicated limbs, meaning that we only need to make for example one front toe, map and duplicate to the other leg.)
- Normal Mapping (The application of mapping the details of the high polygon ED209 to the Low polygone one using dot3 matting via the texture bake and projection)
o Normal Mapping the Front Toe
o Normal Mapping the Side Toes
o Normal Mapping the Arms


- Static Mesh into UT3
o Creating unified textures in rough to apply to the low polygon ED209
o Importing ED209 as a static asset with materials into the UT3 Engine
o Rigging - a complex process due to that inverse knee.
Rigging ED209 - pivots and Links
Rigging ED209 - HD and HI Rigging with IK and FK
- Animated assets in UT3
o Creating a walk cycle in max for export
o Creating PSK and PSA Files
o Importing PSK, PSA and Textures
o Putting ED209 into a level with Dynamic Lights
o Unreal 3 - Matinee, Actors and Kismet
o Ed209's conveyor - the new walk
o Ed209's conveyor - the new matinee part

Additional content on DVD 4

- All Max Files
- All wip files
- All UT3 assets
- All texture files and PSDs
- A selection of specially made ED209 reference images
- High res ED209 renders


Robots in Game Engines for 3ds Max

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