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[Multi] Elephorm - Learn Vue 9 and the creation of 3D Enviro - MT
Vue 9 is the market leader in creating 3D environments. It has been used in numerous film productions such as Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Benjamin Button, The Clash of the Titans, etc..
In this training led by Jean-Baptiste Verdier, Matte Painter, 3D-2D, video tutorial you will learn to use Preview for creating 3D environments.
You understand all the functions you can create 3D landscapes with vegetation, mountains, rivers and seas realistic.
Vue 9 this training you will learn how to animate your surroundings, your belongings and give a fantastic dimension to your 3D projects.

[Multi] Elephorm - Learn Vue 9 and the creation of 3D Enviro - MT

Jean-Baptiste Verdier comes 0:00:18
Interface and Configuration
Overview Interface 0:06:35
Setting preferences and display options 0:04:41
The basic principles
The terrain editor: Presets, Effects, Sculpt 0:11:12
The material editor 0:02:30
The editor of plants 0:02:21
Create and transform primitive 0:02:10
Create a rock 0:02:32
The Metaclouds 0:04:21
Create a water surface 0:02:32
Create a text 0:03:55
Procedural grounds
Introduction to procedural grounds 0:01:44
Publisher land and procedural presets 0:02:13
Fractal terrain 0:19:23
Mixture of fractals 0:04:58
Fractal Strata 0:07:13
Fractal Rocky Mountain (New Viewed 9) 0:11:44
Exercise: Mix all the functions of 0:14:03 Terrain Editor
Creating a global field 0:04:31
Interface layout and collections 0:05:26
Create and edit a material procedural 0:02:36
Mixed materials 0:07:04
Use layers 0:10:52
Map of displacement 0:10:44
Function of displacement 0:04:40
Site preparation 0:03:13
Overview of tabs 0:02:00
Creating the ecosystem and settings 0:04:29
Distribution and affinity between layers 0:10:38
Distribution Map 0:04:03
Preview ecosystems 0:04:25
The population dynamics 0:02:11
Example on a large lot 0:02:18
EcoSystem painter 0:03:19
Ecosystem selector 0:03:05
Check the sun 0:03:47
Control the ambient light: The Secret of realism 0:03:47
Use radiosity lighting and adjust 0:05:21
Set options heaven 0:04:00
Understanding the aerial perspective 0:02:05
Basic Principle: Understanding the mist and fog 0:02:07
Exercise: The sunset 0:06:18
Create and edit a layer of clouds 0:07:26
Lab: Create a scene using the parameters of clouds and atmosphere 0:08:43
Ocean & Lakes
Create and edit a water 0:09:18
Configuration of the foam along the coast 0:02:34
Practical Exercise: The River
Introduction to exercise 0:01:02
Open terrain and painting materials 0:03:43
Apply materials 0:03:58
Add an ecosystem 0:06:09
Set the water surface 0:06:31
Adjust the final rendering 0:05:36
Additional Tools
The Metablobs 0:03:20
The Hyperblobs 0:01:03
Scatter and Replication 0:03:01
Making an environment in 360 degrees and use it as HDRI
Creating and rendering environments spherical HDRI 0:02:02
Configuration for rendering scenes HDRI 0:05:11
Configuration of a given interior
The settings of atmosphere, lighting, rendering, 0:13:03
Enable and configure the relighting (New Viewed 9) 0:03:32
Animation wizard 0:05:36
The animation parameters of natural features 0:03:27
The parameters for animation rendering 0:01:02
The word jean-Baptiste Verdier 0:00:14

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