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Business Growth Masters 3.0 Chet Holmes (Sales /Marketing)
Business Growth Masters 3.0 Chet Holmes (Sales /Marketing)

Business Growth Masters 3.0 Chet Holmes (Sales /Marketing)
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The entire program is produced on quality videotapes.

There is a different tape for each key subject, so you can go over and over the appropriate sections and topics, privately or with your staff in intimate detail, as required. This program is indexed by title so you can easily access the exact segments and their specific content.

For example: If you really need help on the sales process, you can go right to that module. Or if you really need help on time management, it s clearly marked, etc. Everything is spelled out and organized for ease of access. Here is a list of the 30 Training Videos:

* 1 Introduction 30 minutes

* 2A Creating Growth Thru Training 78 minutes

* 2B Creating Growth Thru Training 74 minutes

* 2C -Creating Growth Thru Training Participants Share Insights and Plans 60 minutes

* 3 Strategy vs. Tactics The most important lessons a business owner should know 103 minutes

* 3A Strategy vs. Tactics and Core Story Samples 80 minutes

* 4 Strategy of Pre-eminence and Strategic Alliances 41 minutes

* 5A Strategies and Tactics to Get Clients (Tape A) PR Advertising Direct Mail Selling 80 minutes

* 5B Strategies and Tactics to Get Clients (Tape B) Direct Mail Brochures Internet 80 minutes

* 5C Strategies and Tactics to Get Clients (Tape C) Trade Shows and Events 80 minutes

* 6 Radio Advertising Dan O Day 80 minutes

* 7 Winning on the Internet David Dean 80 minutes

* 7A Digital Marketing and Training Bob Chesney 60 minutes

* 8 How To Hire Superstars 120 minutes

* 8A Uncut Interview of a Superstar 60 minutes

* 9 The Only 3 Ways To Grow Any Business 80 minutes

* 10 Contact Management Software 80 minutes

* 11 Six Steps To Time Management 43 minutes

* 12 How The Brain Works The Power of Goals 35 minutes

* 13 Effective Presenting and Using Visuals in all your Marketing. Headline Workshop 67 minutes

* 14 Headlines That Sell, Jay with Many Examples 52 minutes

* 15 Seven Steps To Every Sale: Mastering the Sales Process 46 minutes

* 16 Ten Follow-up Steps for Bonding with Clients 26 minutes

* 17 The Traits of Overachievers and Participant s Insights 48 minutes

* 18 Mastering the Telephone Getting to High Level Executives and Getting Past the Gatekeeper 100 minutes

* 19 12 Steps to Get an Appointment with Anyone and Participant s Insights 63 minutes

* 20 Insights from Trainers and Participants Discoveries 100 minutes

* 21 What Participants Learned, Plus More on Testing 105 minutes

* 22 Audience s Biggest Breakthroughs 83 minutes

* 23 52 Workshops on Improving Your Company 61 minutes

Audio Tapes (and/or CDs):

You also receive 30 uncut hours of quality audiocassette tapes (or CDs), so you can review the entire experience on your way to or from work or in your tape player in the car, office or home. It lets you hone in on the more complex material again and again so the power of process training really takes full effect. Or so you can pass different tapes around to your staff, to cover particular strategic or implementation points you want them to learn and master. Or, if you just want the same type program in the same way as you ve always gotten from me, it s here on audiocassette.

You get the information in easily digestible bite size 90-minute pieces which you can easily review and process while you are on the go. Plus, unlike the past, these tapes are also highly organized and clearly marked for precision accessing key elements.

You ll also receive our Workbook, Summary and Tests:

* Workbook and Tests

For the 12 competencies that Chet covers, there s a workbook that you can follow along with and there are tests that you can use to make sure that you ve learned and digested the most important points. More importantly, this program is not something you go through only once. It s something you go through regularly and consistently, constantly deepening your skills in each of the competencies.

It s also the most outstanding new-hire training program on the planet today. We ve had clients purchase this program and use it for all their new-hires and we ve had new-hires say things like: You know, I ve worked at IBM and their new-hire training program wasn t as good as this. Imagine YOU having a program like that for your company. What s your new-hire training like now?

You ll learn early on in this program that the first impression you make on a new-hire lasts for the entire length of their employment. So if you want to develop a great business, you need to begin all new-hires with an outstanding training experience. This will contribute to developing a truly great business. When you go to work for Wells Fargo, do you think they just throw you in with someone else and say: Watch Betty and see how she does it, or do you think they have an entire training program with class room style training, role play, workshops and coaching as you go?

Well, if you want to have a great business, YOU need to be the same. This program teaches you how to do that, but for all new hires, it has tests for the main areas of competency so that you can look and act like a Fortune 500 player, right from the first new-hire you employ. Sit them down and put them through the appropriate modules. And, you don t have to guess which modules that should be, we tell you. For each type of employee, we tell you which modules they should go through.

Fortune 500 Marketing, Management and Sales Audit:

Chet has had hundreds of clients who pay him hefty fees to help him with their businesses. In order to help these clients, he has developed an audit that allowed him to find every weakness in your business. Chet charges a minimum of $80,000 to conduct one of these audits. When you self-administer this audit for your own company, you will see your business from a whole new perspective. The universal comment we get from people when they run themselves through this is audit is that they don t take their business nearly seriously enough.

Master Business Growth Plan:

This is considered by Chet to be his crowning achievement as a person whose job it is to help others succeed. Many of these programs come along and give you a lot of ideas, but it s up to you to figure out how to use all those ideas to grow your business.

Chet worked for five solid days, More than $100,000 in fees if you were paying him to build this for you, scrutinizing this Growth Plan and all it s components. What this is, is a full template, a full PLAN, for you to create for your business. You just fill in the blanks and you ll have laid out all your marketing, selling and internal training efforts for an entire year in advance.

52 Workshops:

Most companies have no idea what a workshop is or how to conduct one. Let me give you a simple example. Let s say you wanted to improve your follow up procedures. This product would guide you through the process of how you conduct a workshop to improve that. This is working ON the business. If you re a one-person army, this shows you how to work through improving that area of your business, but it becomes even more powerful when you learn how to utilize and draw upon the brainpower of your employees. Sun Tzu (Sue), the best selling book, ART OF WAR, states that the number one essential to victory is when your troops are all on the same page.

Doing workshops to perfect various areas of your business gets everyone on the same page.

This program gets your business into high gear. This includes fixing all the problem areas as well as finding areas to improve that you never even thought of improving. This is a structured method of grooming your company, your staff and your three P s. So what Chet did was sit down and lay out an entire year s worth of these workshops. 52 different areas that you get to perfect in your business.

Coaching from Chet Holmes:

Since we know that success comes from a process and not an event, we get you on the phone with Chet Holmes at least once per month. You ll join hundreds of other Business Growth Masters graduates on mass teleconferences where ideas are shared, concepts are polished and Chet answers questions to help people continue the learning process.

These calls are free to all graduates and they last for an entire year after you buy the program. So this is not just a program for today, but a way of life for business owners who want to be highly proactive, who want to constantly find new and better ways to do things and who want to be at the cutting edge of ability.

Plus, you ll receive an additional bonus if paid up front:

How to Double Sales in 12 to 18 Months Video:

Chet Holmes guides you through the preparation and writing of the ultimate marketing plan for your business. He teaches the fundamentals on positioning, marketing, management and effective communication skills. Learn about the Dream 100 Sell and how this system alone can double your sales.

This was presented live to an audience of 250 business owners and is the ideal compliment to the Business Growth MASTERS Series.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

The BGM Series includes a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Anytime within 60 days of the receipt date of the BGM Series, if you are not convinced that you will earn back many times the fee of the program, you can return the program and ask for my money back No Questions, No Hassle, No Hesitation! Plus even if you decide to cancel, you still get to keep $102,200 in bonuses for trying:

1. The $20,000 Fortune 500 Audit
2. $80,000 52 Week Workshop Program
3. The 93 Referral System tape set
4. The Mastermind Program
5. And the pinnacle of Chet s efforts, the Business Growth Plan.

Armed with the BGM Series, it is virtually impossible for your company not to dominate, not to expand, and not to excel in every form of financial, and competitive business endeavor you choose to pursue not just now, but well into the future.

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