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Cinema 4D Tutorials vol. 2 – CG.TUTSPLUS
Cinema 4D Tutorials vol. 2 – CG.TUTSPLUS

Cinema 4D Tutorials vol. 2 - CG.TUTSPLUS
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Cgtuts + is a source of learning on all aspects of computer graphics.

We pump out regular tutorials on Maya, 3Ds Max, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Blender, Mudbox and more. We cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced CG artists.Our tutorials are the best on the web, hands-down - that’s why over four million people visit our network of tutorial sites each month. Manufacturer: CG.TUTSPLUS Language: English Whether your dream (or reality) is building CG models, textures and animations for games, movies, commercials, architecture or elsewhere, you’ll learn techniques that you can apply to your projects today. Lesson: A Look at Nurbs in Cinema4D In today s tutorial, Jamie Faulkner walks us through the different Nurbs tools available within Cinema 4D the Sweep, the Bezier, the Hypernurbs, the Lathe, the Extrude and the Loft! Let s take a look A Quick-Start Guide to Cinema 4D In the first of several tutorials looking at the different aspects of Cinema 4D, Aleksey Voznesenski begins by giving a fast-paced, quick-start overview of the interface, basic primitive objects and lighting/HDR maps. If you ve always wanted to try C4D, or even if you ve got a good amount of experience using it, this tutorial will help get everyone up to speed for the amazing Xpresso and Rigging tutorials we have coming up! Aetuts Hollywood Movie Title Series Prince of Persia After reviewing your votes, Prince of Persia was the victor so here you go! This tutorial explains how to make a Prince of Persia flying logo style, using Cinema 4D and After Effects. In Cinema 4D, we will model and animate of the logo, then will follow in After Effects, creating the realization of the clouds scene and final composition with effects. Enjoy! An Introduction to Xpresso in Cinema 4D In today s tutorial, rigging artist Aleksey Voznesenski takes us through the basics of Cinema 4D s Xpresso scripting system. If utilised correctly, Xpresso can be an incredibly powerful system allowing you an amazing level of control over your rigs, animations even the UI itself. If you want to speed up your workflow in C4d and you re not using Xpresso, this tutorial is for you! Create a Cybernetic Plant in Cinema4D In today s tutorial, Konstantin Muromtsev takes us through how he created his Cybernetic Plant scene using the MoSpline/Spline-wrap technique in Cinema4D. After modeling, Konstantin then animates our robot plant using the Wind modifier, before setting everything up for the final render. Enjoy! Create a High Rez Clank Model in Cinema 4D Day 1 In this tutorial Clinton Jones will demonstrate how to model his version of Clank, from the hit PlayStation game Ratchet and Clank, using Cinema 4D. You will learn many different techniques, from the basic steps needed to model the head and body, to the more complicated functions needed to add some pretty serious detail to stay true to the character. Create a Lava-Ball Scene in Cinema4D In today s fiery tutorial, Ahmed Al Abbasy walks us through how to create this awesome lava-ball scene in Cinema 4D. Making great use of the powerful explosion, bend and gravity objects, this tutorial really does show just how intuitive Cinema4D can be when creating a stylish result such as this! Let s get started Create a Stylish Liquid Type Logo using Cinema 4D, RealFlow, and After Effects In this in-depth, 86 step tutorial, you will learn how to create a stylish liquid looking logo using Next Limit s Realflow. Using Cinema 4D as the main 3D package, you will learn how to integrate Illustrator and After Effects to efficiently design, simulate, export, and render your final animation. Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene in Cinema 4D In this tutorial you will learn how to create a complex abstract Armored Sphere scene in Cinema 4D. You will use structure tools (such as Extrude and Extrude Inner), HyperNURBS, and the Danel shader to create the scene, and then render it with Advanced Render, and finally add some depth of field in Photoshop. Creating the Art Machine Ident in C4D Part 1 In this brand-new two-part tutorial, Mitchell Hart takes us through his work on the awesome Art Machine ident. After modeling it from scratch in this first part, Mitchell then goes on to explain the animating, texturing and rendering processes in part 2. Let s get started! Creating the Art Machine Ident in C4D Part 2 In the second part of his brand-new two-part tutorial, Mitchell Hart finishes taking us through his work on the awesome Art Machine ident. After modeling it from scratch in this first part, today Mitchell jumps right in to explain the animating, texturing and rendering processes. Let s get started! How to Grow a Tree using DPit FX for Cinema4D In today s tutorial, AntwanFX shows us how you can use the incredible DPit FX plugin to grow your very own tree in Cinema 4D. Let s get started! Model a Venus-styled Robot in Cinema 4D In this tutorial you ll learn how to model and texture a small robot from scratch and place it in a lit scene. This is a comprehensive tutorial with 127 steps and will provide a complete introduction to making 3D art for the intermediate to advanced Cinema 4D user. Model, Texture and Render a Freshly Picked Cherry in Cinema4D In today s tutorial, AntwanFX covers how to first model, then texture and finally light and render a freshly picked cherry in Cinema4D. Serving as a great introduction to a full workflow, this tutorial is highly recommended for anyone switching to Cinema from a different app, or just starting out in 3D. Let s take a look In this basic tutorial, I ll show how simple it is to create a cool looking cherry from scratch! Modeling and Rendering a Baseball Wall Title Spot In this tutorial, Michael Szabo from Big Mike Design walks us through his recreation of the popular baseball wall title scenes that have been used to advertise baseball games this season. After modeling both manually and with the help of Mograph, Mike also covers proper rendering habits when moving into After Effects for compositing! The tutorial covers a lot of ground within Cinema 4D and After Effects, as we build a 3D environment that closely resembles an outfield wall in a baseball stadium. The final project resides in After effects and can easily be tweaked by simply updating and swapping the title images that are placed in our scene. Modelling and Rendering a Dumbbells Scene in C4D Day 1 In this fantastic new 2-part tutorial series, Moises Perez walks us through how to model, texture and render a dumbbells scene in Cinema 4D. Today s part covers the dumbbell modelling and the overall scene layout, and is an awesome way to brush up on your C4D modelling skills! Get started after the jump Overview of The Foundry s New CameraTracker Plug-in Part 2 In Part 2 of the Tuts network s look at the new CameraTracker plugin from The Foundry, Marc Leonard takes us through how to use data exported from After Effects to reconstruct the original 2D plate within Cinema 4D, allowing us to place new elements in true 3D space. Quick Tip Increase Efficiency Using Traffic Lights Traffic lights are a little feature of Cinema 4D that allow you to hide and unhide objects. This Quick Tip will teach you some lesser known methods of using them to speed up your workflow.. Quick Tip Modelling and Rendering a Pillow in C4D In this quick-tip tutorial we ll be taking a look at the techniques required to model a basic pillow/cushion object in Cinema 4D. After applying a simple material, we ll then investigate using Maxon s Advanced Render system to add a depth of field (DOF) effect to our final render. For anyone doing arch-vis interiors in C4D this tutorial is a must see! Quick Tip Using VRay in Cinema 4D In this Quick Tip you will learn how to illuminate a simple scene using the Cinema 4D VRay plugin. Both the infinite light , and also how to set up VRay tags and settings, will be discussed in this short introduction to using VRay in Cinema 4D. Recreate Your Own Tron Title Opener Our sister site Aetuts today put up an excellent tutorial by Antonio Cerri, showing you how to create a flying logo, Tron Legacy style! Today s part uses C4D to model and animate the logo, whilst the upcoming part 2 uses After Effects to composite everything together. We thought you all might like it too, so check out the preview video and tutorial links after the jump Rigging a Detailed Tank Track using C4D, XPresso, and Mograph This tutorial will show the user how to rig a detailed tank track using Cinema 4d, XPresso, the Mograph module, and Roll-It a free plugin. The final result will be a tank track that animates automatically as you move and rotate it. Seamlessly Blend 3d Typography into a Photo using Cinema 4D and Photoshop Seamlessly blending 3d elements with photographs or video footage is a technique that is often used in television, film, and commercial applications. In this tutorial you will to learn how to composite 3d typography with photo reference using Cinema 4D and Photoshop. We will begin by using Photoshop to adjust some parameters such as contrast, brightness, levels, curves, and sharpness, and then finally import the file into Cinema 4D to add the 3d type. The Making of Lost Part 1 In this tutorial series, I will be covering the basic process of how I created my piece lost. The first part of this two part series covers the basics of creating 3D abstract pieces and how to incorporate them with photo manipulation; the second part will focus on the creation of effects in Photoshop and how to enhance and strengthen the final image. Using Depth of Field with VRay in Cinema 4D Using the DOF effect in Cinema 4D can be a little tricky for beginners, and it was no different for me when I had just started using VRay. So I ve prepared this tutorial to show you how easy it can be once you understand the fundamentals. Creating a scene lighting setup from scratch, and using object based lighting techniques will also be covered. Using Sound Effector to Create Animations in Cinema 4D Sound effector is a tool of the Mograph module in Cinema 4D that you can use to create animations which are perfectly matched to a sound or musical score. Through this tutorial you are going to learn how to use sound effector as well as its fine-tune function. We will also use Adobe After Effects to blend the animation that was exported from Cinema 4D with the sound track to make our final composition. Using Xplode to Shatter Objects in Cinema4D In today s tutorial, David Kwasnik takes us through the process of creating an amazing Cgtuts ident, using the Xplode plugin for C4D. This plugin allows you to very easily and quickly cut any object up into many different pieces, and in the following video David shows us how to art-direct the size of these pieces to get the required result. This process, combined with MoDynamics and Mograph 2.0, is used to create an impressive shattering effect. It s then over to AE for some optional compositing work!

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