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Real Social Dynamics - Flawless Natural DVDs
Real Social Dynamics - Flawless Natural DVDs

Real Social Dynamics - Flawless Natural DVDs
English | AVI | XVID 1081 kbps 29.970 fps | 720x416 | AC3 192 kbps 48 KHz | 2.57 GB
Genre: elearning

First of all, I am aware that there are already individual DVDs of this program in seed, however I figured some people might want to download them all at once.

There was one which included all of them, but it was like 16 gigs or something. I am hoping that people will appreciate the smaller file size while retaining decent quality. Also, some people might prefer AVI files. My intention is to benefit the community, as it has benefited me.

Here is some of the sales pitch, though you re probably familiar:

Timís Total Method For Reaching The Super Abundant Level Of Choice With Women That Most Guys Only Fantasize About In Their Most Testosterone-Fuelled Daydreams

(As Opposed To LIVING It In Real Life)

So what wondrous goodies does Tim have in store for YOU??

Over the past six months Tim has been hard at work developing an entirely new Total Method that will finally reveal to you the sheer shocking effectiveness of natural game.

Tim has taken it to the next level here - where beyond being a LIVING MODEL for what he teaches and an OTHER-WORLDLY instructor of success with girls...he has now created an ultra refined transfer method of uploading it from his head to yours.

Weíre talking about a super practical step-by-step breakdown of his entire unique approach that makes it instantly implementable and easy for you to use.

Itís called the Flawless Natural Method - and it consists of Timís THREE never-seen-before components to take you light years ahead in your results: 1) The Flawless Attitude, 2) The Flawless 5 Step Method, and 3) The Flawless Ecosystem.

This is a lot of TAKING YOU BY THE HAND and teaching you the step by step OUTER TECHNIQUE from open-to-close.

As you can expect from Tim, itís very light on theory and focused instead on teaching you his secret framework that will blow up your immediate response from women literally the same night you put it to the test.

Tim is a man about simplicity, conciseness, no nonsense, and going straight to the point.

He is a legend among dating community insiders because in spite of the devastating dominance of his approach (and deity-type results), his success with women is so NORMAL and DOWN TO EARTH.

Tim does not believe in being flashy just for the sake of being flashy...

He approaches the girl and states whatís on his mind, unleashes a barrage of personality which creates a rhythm for the duration of the night, and then simply says Letís go...

Simultaneously Tim is the man most fearless and daring with women you will ever witness.

The dude knows precisely what he wants, steps up, and TAKES it - much to the womanís fascination and delight.

(This is where the whole the way the game is meant to be played reputation originated from - because it is every manís ideal for their own skills).

The power of Timís method lies in teaching you to tap into your CORE MASCULINE INTENT and combine your undiscovered skill for bringing a surge of positive energy (aka - the WOOO!) with your innate FURY of passion for the women who attract you.

And the freakiest part of is...when youíve got this down rejection no longer exists (youíll see what I mean).

You simply DONíT HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT because you bring nothing but pure value and positivity by using the Flawless Natural methodology.

Tim is about reconnecting you to your deeper purpose for approaching women, and tapping into that as fuel for your approach.

He will unveil to you the hidden roles that you and the girl play within a social interaction, and how to hit a rhythmic sweet spot that leads you both towards harmony (aka - flirtation, happiness, and passionate physical ecstasy).

You will forge a mental link where seeing the girl generates an internal reflex of instant charisma, and then ride the wave from open to close with effortless ease.

This is a TOTAL METHOD which means you will know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO.

Tim is about to enlighten you with his ultimate hidden code for unlimited success, and these secrets will rapidly change your dating life in ways you can only dream about today.

Discover The Hard To Find X-Factor That Allows You To Generate Charm And Charisma In Infinite Supply

See, most people think of success with women as having TWO main layers.

The first is the layer of inner confidence .

This allows you to approach the girl with a full cup of your own internal happiness instead of as an empty vessel waiting to be filled.

It empowers you with an unshakeable foundation of self esteem to see the girl you want and STEP UP - as well as the core centeredness which shines through and makes her trust you instinctively as a man.

From there you have the second layer that is outer technique .

This is the subtle skill of grabbing the girlís attention away from whatever sheís busy doing - and blasting through the various social barriers that are preventing the two of you from hooking up.

It arms you with the step-by-step skill of leading the interaction with the girl you like from open to close - so it also plays an important role in your success.

But what most folks fail to realize is that there is a THIRD absolutely crucial layer that consistently separates the successful elite from the poor suckers who flounder.

And that is the X-Factor or Special Sauce that is likeability and charisma and charm.

This is what transforms you into a guy who is FUN TO HOOK UP WITH and ADDICTIVE to be around.

It is such a rare quality because it is more of an ON-THE FLY FREQUENCY or SUBTLE VIBE that you have to tune into.

You can think about it like this...

When a buddy of yours introduces you to new people, do you automatically assume that youíll be accepted and well liked??

Or when you go to apply for a job, are you certain the employers will think it would be fun to have you around??

Or letís say your roommate has a girl coming to the house and sheís bringing over a cute friend, do you instantly know itís going to be ON ??

Well, being FLAWLESS means there is NO QUESTION any of these every day social scenarios are EVER an issue for you.

Youíre coming from a position of LOGICALLY knowing you have the CONTAGIOUS TYPE OF PERSONALITY that is addictive for people to be around.

This comes from your own style of rhythms, expressions, jokes and mannerisms that grip your mind in a happy reality and prevent anything but pure glory and positivity from entering into your personal realm .

And the coolest part...

When you reach this level you can approach girls with an UNWAVERING UNREACTIVE CONFIDENCE that comes from a total anticipated response of warm and attracted response.

Once youíve got this ability, youíve got it PERMANENTELY.

Itís a load that has now been taken off of your mind, and you never have to think about it ever again.

Thatís why Timís transfer method for uploading it from his head to yours is so devastatingly effective.

Tim transforms you by 1) exposing you to hours of unstoppable charisma, 2) his step-by-step total method that will teach you everything you need to know, and 3) LIVE IN FIELD VIDEO FOOTAGE of himself out meeting women himself.

You will rapidly internalize the years of in the trenches dating wisdom from every angle possible - and discover a newfound level of social success that you can enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

You Will Hyperventilate And Gasp For Air As Tim BURIES You With A Half A Decadeís Worth Of Dating Genius

The Flawless Natural Method is a six disc program thatís bursting at the seams with over half a decade of Timís knowledge and experience.

Timís presentation has been polished over many months of preparation to ENLIVEN you like nothing you have ever experienced.

It is raw, uncut, and specifically designed to explode your reality of whatís possible and shortcut your learning curve by as much as several years.

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