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Weekend Hypnosis Workshop
Weekend Hypnosis Workshop

Weekend Hypnosis Workshop
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Tired of the hype and theory? Ready to step head and shoulders above the crowd, and claim the title of elite master hypnotist? Prepare to delve into the exciting world of master hypnotist Jeffrey Stephens.

The Weekend Hypnosis Workshop won international fame for the hypnosis trainer whose stunningly fast 15 minute therapy sessions and daring street hypnosis exploits started to get him noticed.

On this video training program you’ll watch as a master hypnotist with over 40 years of real world experience walks you through absolutely everything you need to do, think, say and understand in order to rapidly and powerfully hypnotize anyone.

This is NOT a course full of stuffy theory, rather a rapid, practical drilling on the secrets other so called hypnotists only wish they knew.

We’ve seen this course transform total beginners into fully confident hypnotists within mere hours, and no hypnosis education can ever be called complete without a refreshing dose of no holds barred Jeffrey Stephens style training.

From instant hypnosis inductions, pretalks, therapy and suggestion routines, and a tremendous amount more, this course will give you everything you need to not just DO hypnosis, but to BE a master hypnotist.

The system includes Eight Online Video Training Modules and a detailed Hypnosis Manual
that gives you all the scripts, bullet-points and techniques you ll need to use Jeff s process on your hypnotic subjects .

But let me break it down for you and show you exactly what you get with each individual component:

Module 1 gives you an overview of the most important aspects of Jeff s process.
In fact, by the end of this module -- in roughly an hour -- you ll be ready (and more importantly able) to drop someone into hypnosis for the first time.
Module 1:

Welcome & Overview
Two Rules for Hypnosis
The Importance of Context and Intent.
Two Questions that Set the Context for Hypnosis
Why Great Hypnotists Never Try
An Introduction to Rapid, Simple Deepeners
Hypnosis that Sticks: A Demonstration of Hypnotic Phenomena
A Demonstration of the Eight Word Induction
Using The Blitz to Increase Learning, Enjoyment and Retention
Exercise 1 : Now it s Your Turn to Do Hypnosis for the First Time!

After you ve gone through Module 1 and actually done hypnosis for the first time, you ll be ready to continue with Module 2, which builds on the material in Module 1, outlines the Five Step Exduction, addresses congruency and shows how to anchor a feeling to an object with waking hypnosis.

Module 2:

Techniques Related to the Eight Word Induction
Rocking clients to enhance the experience
Everything you do is an induction
Hypnotizing those who don t believe in it
How to get someone to want to do what you tell them to
Creating a scenario they can accept and believe
Hypnotic instructions should not wear off
Intent sets the mode for everything you do
Avoiding the terms relax and relaxation
The Five Step Exduction
How to use cues to keep the subconscious following your instructions
Conscious vs. Subconscious mind: An Illustration
The Myth of self-hypnosis
Congruency: What you say and how you say it.
Who can (and can t) be hypnotized?
What is a somnambulist?
A demonstration: Hypnotizing a somnambulist
Waking Hypnosis: Anchoring feelings to an object
How to give instructions to the subconscious to get the result you want
Exercise 2 : Adding the Five Step Exduction to your process

Module 3 introduces the Boilerplate, which allows you to take control of the situation so the subject is not distracted by sounds, feelings or even self-talk.

Jeff introduces you to the Super Suggestion, tells you how to tie their own breathing to the process and how to prevent anyone from hijacking your hypnosis:

Module 3:

The difference between social compliance and hypnosis
The deeper you go, the better you feel...
Using internalized, associated language
Fractionation and a preview of complex deepeners
The Boilerplate: Taking control of the environment
Being in their heads (not yours)
Hypnotizing pillows and chairs
The Super Suggestion
Three things you MUST give your client
Suggestibility tests as inductions
Can someone hijack your hypnosis?
Using disorientation to enhance the experience
Milton Erickson s greatest contribution to hypnosis
Exercise 3 : Building in The Boilerplate.

In Module 4, Jeff answers a number of audience questions related to somnambulism, fractionation, convincers, levels of hypnosis, self-hypnosis and what to do when it doesn t work. In addition, he ll demonstrate several quick inductions:

Module 4:

Telling them what you re going to do and how they re going to respond
A disorienting technique for distorting time
When does hypnosis really end?
How to tell when they re really deep
The Process of Narrowing Focus
How to use covert tests in fractionation
A few convincers that really work
Demonstration: A lightening-fast induction with a somnambulist
How do you really know if they are deep enough?
Just how many levels are there?
What to do when it doesn t work
Why can t you hypnotize yourself?
Induction demonstrations: :
Jeff s hand-to-face induction
A fast re-induction
An eye fixation induction & hand stick
How to KNOW when you have real hypnosis

After everything you ve learned in Module 4, you ll be ready for Module 5, which is packed with exercises and demonstrations designed to polish your skills as a hypnotist.

It begins with a review of Jeff s complete Ten Step Outline of Process, an overview of how the brain stores and retrieves information, how hallucinations are created, and much more...

Module 5:

The complete, ten step outline of process
How the brain works
Hallucinations (naturally occurring & created)
Ten second memory loss
Exercise 4: Any induction
Protective Qualities of the Boilerplate
Exercise 5: A different induction
Watch for the sign of intense focus
Phenomena as proof
Exercise 6: Got phenomena?
Demonstration: The arm lock/eye lock induction
Demonstration: A straight eye lock induction
Troubleshooting: What if the eyes pop open in the middle of your eye-lock induction?
Three reasons you won t get phenomena
How to hypnotize those who say you can t
It s not about depth...
Progressive relaxation, trance and the hypnosis point
Can you make changes in trance, rather than hypnosis?
Stepping inside and getting the job done

Module 6 contains many of the core components of Jeff s system.

It begins with complex deepeners, gets inside all the specifics of The Golden Box, tells you how to handle any disagreement from the subconscious and puts you in command of The Magic Mirror...

Module 6:

Three specific complex deepeners
A Demonstration of Passing through the Zero...
The deepening effect of fractionation
Demonstration of a Tap Deepener
What should I do if someone falls asleep?
In Exercise 7, you ll incorporate complex deepeners into your process
Changework: The Golden Box
Invoking trance to occupy the conscious mind
How to speak directly to the subconscious mind:
A Three Step Process
What to do if the subconscious disagrees with your instruction
Two words that reassociate the conscious mind
How to deliver The Magic Mirror
Getting agreement from the conscious and subconscious
Jeff s system for making people feel good about themselves
Trusting the sub-conscious to do its job
The best time to set a reinduction trigger

Module 7 helps put it all together for you with a look at the mindset, an explanation and demonstration of waking hypnosis and a real-life, start-to-finish session in which Jeff performs each step of his Ten Step Process...

Module 7:

Buying into the mindset...
Would You Like to Take a Five Minute Vacation?
The mindset for a non-smoker
Speaking to the subconscious...
Using a results-based method
Symbology: Waking hypnosis...
Demonstration: Using waking hypnosis to create rock-solid confidence
Adapting the process for yourself
Congruity is the key
What to say if NOTHING you do seems to be working
A vivid example: Creating change with two futures
Building your hypnosis toolbox
Positioning symbology as an alternative to hypnosis
Start-to-finish Session 1: See every step of Jeff s Ten Step Process in action in this sesson designed to eliminate nail-biting

Module 8 gives you even more opportunities to see Jeff s process in action, with start-to-finish sessions of 20 minutes or less, designed to create positive, lasting change...

Module 8:

Can the subconscious really process negatives?
How Jeff eliminated a dog phobia in less than two minutes with a negative command to the subconscious
Start-to-finish Session 2: A sesson designed to turn a smoker into a non-smoker
Start-to-finish Session 3: A sesson designed to eliminate chronic stomach pain
Start-to-finish Session 4: Another sesson designed to turn a smoker into a non-smoker
The Wrap-up: Even after it s over, it ain t all over...

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