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Defense Grid The Awakening Update 1 to 12 and DLC Pack-BAT
Defense Grid The Awakening Update 1 to 12 and DLC Pack-BAT
Defense Grid The Awakening Update 1 to 12 and DLC Pack-BAT
Scene group BATtery with the first update pack released for this Strategy RPG game.
Changelogs are available:
Included DLCs:
- Defense Grid: The Awakening - You Monster DLC
- Defense Grid: Borderlands DLC
- Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 1
- Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 2
- Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 3
- Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 4
- Added a Rank column back to the Mission Selection
  screen. The Score and Rank column will toggle between
  each other every 5 seconds.
- Fixed a bug with the UI selection sound effect playing
  multiple times simultaneously.
- Added more variety for a number of the AI's random
  interjections regarding power cores, aliens, and a few
  other situtations.
- Added the ability to turn vsync on/off by going to
  Help & Options > Settings > Video. Default is On.
- Added a console application to update the medals in a
  user's profile from that user's entries on the
1. From the Main Menu, click on the Console button.
2. When prompted to login, type "guest" (without quotes)
and press enter.
3. At the command prompt, type "medals_from_leaderboards"
(without quotes) and press enter.
4. Follow the instructions printed on the screen.
5. Let the app run for a few moments.
6. When it's done, you can exit the Console by pressing
the "Back" button at the bottom of the screen.
7. Play more Defense Grid!
- Fixed Supreme Strategist can now be earned.
- Fixed Temporal Tower modifications from the Command
  Decision map will no longer carry over to other maps.
New free Defense Grid Community Challenge Update released:
- Mission Selection UI has been simplified, you can now see
  all medals for all modes at a glance
- New Fully Loaded game mode added: All towers and all
  upgrades are available (suggested by community member
- New Frozen Core game mode added: Cores do not float back
  to the housing
- New Shredder game mode added: The aliens keep coming. And
  you don't earn interest.
- New Balanced Build game mode added: You need to build one
  of each tower type before you can build a second of the
  same type
- 32 new missions added with leaderboards
- Fully Loaded missions added to all early levels up to and
  including Center of Power (except for Out of Fuel)
- Frozen Core missions added to Ancient Research, Long
  Descent, Out of Fuel, Guardians Fall, Crossed Signals,
  Waste Disposal, and Last Stand
- Shredder missions added to Ancient Research, Flight Plan,
  Cold Storage, Guardians Fall, Center of Power, Standing
  Order, Crossed Signals, Turnabout, and Lockdown
- Balanced Build missions added to Cold Storage, Standing
  Order and Lockdown
- Out of Bullets missions added to Turnabout and Lockdown
- Fix: voice over volume control affects more audio lines
  than before
- Prepared for more content ahead
- Fix: Top of the Class achievement now able to be earned
  and description changed to reflect the new level names
  and requirements
- Fix: Few and Proud achievement clarify requirements
- Fix: Splash screens are skippable again
- Fix: Borderlands levels Entanglement and Infiltration let
  you build towers again
- Fix: No more purple textures when playing You Monster
  level in a low-res graphics level
- Defense Grid now supports Steam Cloud! Your local
  profiles will be automatically merged with whatever is in
  the cloud
- Splash screens can be skipped by pressing esc, space,
  or enter
- Leaderboard UI has been cleaned up and simplified
- There is now a UI setting to switch the behavior of the
  fast forward button between press and hold and toggle
- All modes of all levels are now unlocked by default
- Shortcut keys added for building towers, selling, and
1 : build Gun tower without UI
2 : build Inferno tower without UI
3 : build Laser tower without UI
4 : build Temporal tower without UI
5 : build Meteor tower without UI
6 : build Cannon tower without UI
7 : build Tesla tower without UI
8 : build Missile tower without UI
9 : build Concussion tower without UI
10 : build Command tower without UI
U : upgrade without UI
Shift-U : sell without UI
- Cleaned up ARG content
  - Voice over volume slider now affects GLaDOS in the
 CHAS levels
  - Console remains in, but passwords have been removed
  - Potatoes are now gone
- Tesla tower now does 2x damage vs. shields
- Fixed a crash with the new leaderboards
- Prepared for summer camp
Defense Grid April 2011 Portal 2 ARG Updates:
- Two free new and original Defense Grid Levels with new
  voice acting and story.
- Portal's GLaDOS invades the network and brings a new style
  of level design to Defense Grid.
- New computer console off the main menu. Poke around in the
  old computer archives, try out puzzles, and learn some DG
- Tesla towers now recharge faster and do more damage.
April 13 update:
- CHAS level is now unlocked for everyone!
- Recruiting is still important, so keep it up.
- Tony has one more trick up his sleeve
- Three more clues to find
- Tesla towers fixed and updated
- Console fixed and updated
- Recruits fixed and updated
- CHAS levels fixed and updated
- Something has fixed much of the file corruption...
- D and G glyphs were swapped. Fixed now. Oops.
- Subtitles should display properly now.
- #potatofoolsday
- Profile is now backed up after each content update
- Increased the overall number of .dgp files in the game
- Modified some of the menus to better use vertical space
- Made the front end more savory
- Added support for future DLC.
- Fixed performance problems related to ATI video cards.
- Support for DLC is enabled. Check out the new FREE DLC
  pack, Borderlands! Four challenging levels new to Steam
- Upgraded leaderboard performance - Defense Grid now
  uses the official Steam leaderboards. Unfortunately,
  this change resets all existing leaderboard entries,
  but the good news is that all of the leaderboards are
  wide open and waiting for your high scores to post.
  Defend the cores and show others how good you are.
- Corrected a bug in which Cannon towers would sometimes
  fire twice as often when using fast forward.
- Fixed an issue in which AI audio would still play even
  if the Voice Over volume was turned all the way down.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the Voice Over volume
  slider from responding to mouse input.
- The Achievements button on the Main Menu will now take
  the user directly to their stats and achievements page
  for Defense Grid.
- The game pauses on a new level until you place the
  first tower (or right click the mouse) to allow you to
  look over it and plan your strategy
- Added alien health bars with an option to turn them on
  and off in Settings menu
- Adjusted the difficulty for levels Last Stand and Waste
- Changed the entrance and exit arrow colors for the Last
  Stand level to show which exit corresponds with aliens
  from which entrance
- Updated various text strings for better accuracy and
  clearer understanding
- Added an extra digit space in the resource counter to
  accommodate high resource count
- Left Hand mouse control is now supported
- Added a version number in the How to Play section
Issues Addressed:
- Turtles now spawn aliens even after a save when they
  are in a level.
- The interest accrued at the end of the mission is now
  always included in the associated leaderboard posting.
- Link to and update to the latest version of DirectX in
  order to address audio issues for some users
- The Game tip sound no longer plays when the user turns
  off the game tip visual cue in the settings.
- The Orbital laser is now not affected by saving or
- The 15 Tower challenge mode description was incorrect,
  it has been updated.
- The meteor trails now look better at slower framerates.
- The UI no longer cycles quickly while fast-forwarding.
- Changed silver medal core criteria for Assessing the
  Threat to be consistent with other mission criteria.
- Changed requirements for Siege Breaker achievement so
  it is now awarded.
- Fixed a rare problem in which some systems would play
  the game and see a solid color instead of the level.
- Made the Siege Breaker achievement obtainable.
- Corrected the accumulation of the stats: Spires
  Encountered and Total Aliens Encountered.
- Adjusted the in game resource counter to allow for
  7 digits instead of 6.
- Corrected a bug dealing with the accumulation of
  interest when using checkpoints or saving/loading near
  the end of a level.
Publisher: Hidden Path Entertainment
Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment
Genre: Strategy RPG
Install Notes:
1. Unpack release.
2. Copy the updated files into install dir of HI2U release.
3. Enjoy! ;)
Release name:
Size: 441.23 MB

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